"A standardized software and hardware infrastructure
to easily create reusable and reconfigurable
robot hardware parts."

Using H-ROS, building robots is about placing H-ROS-compatible components together to build new robot configurations. The interesting fact about this is that constructing robots is not any more restricted to a few high technical skills but it's extended to a great majority with a general understanding of the different H-ROS parts and its use.

Plug & Play

Combine H-ROS components together to build new robots.
Create, extend and repair robots easily.
Teach robots new behaviors faster.


Standarized hardware.
Choose components from different manufacturers.
Replacing robotic components has never been so easy.


Simple. Easy. Powerful.
Power over Ethernet (PoE).
Robust and real-time compliant communications.


Intelligent and adaptable.
Robots recognize components automatically.
Robots adapt their behavior.


Hardware Robot Information Model
Standard interface.
For modular robots.

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H-ROS components are built around the Robot Operating System (ROS 2.0),
the ultimate framework for writing robot software maintained
by the Open Source Robotics Foundation (OSRF).

"Most of the time is spent dealing with the hardware/software interfaces
and little is put into behaviour development or real-world scenarios."

Standardized robot hardware

H-ROS components belong to one of the following types:

The H-ROS cognition part is the brain of the robot. Specialized in computation and coordination, it performs most of the computationally expensive tasks within the robot. It also deals with the reconfiguration process of H-ROS parts (plug and play functionality) and exposes ROS interfaces for new computations.

H-ROS sensing components help robots perceive its environment and share the information with the rest of the parts through standardized H-ROS interfaces.

H-ROS acuation components are smart-actuators that support dynamic reconfiguration by subscribing and publishing to the corresponding H-ROS interfaces.

H-ROS communication parts are robot hardware components compliant with the H-ROS ecosystem specialized in communication. These parts could either expose new communication channels to the overall H-ROS network (e.g: through WiFi, 3G, Blueetooth, etc.) or provide means of interconnection between different H-ROS hardware parts.

The H-ROS hybrid parts aim to represent those robot components composed by different sub- elements that can’t be classified within the other H-ROS types. These hybrid parts are generally not fully understood in the other H-ROS types context or correspond with sub-robots (parts of other robots). The objective of the H-ROS hybrid layer is to provide a set of abstractions that enable these kind of devices to interoperate directly with the H-ROS environment by either complying with existing abstractions (e.g.: in the sub-robot scenarios) or by definining new interfaces to be used (e.g.: an LCD screen).

Tools for roboticists in any operating system

Program your robot behavior with ROS.

Deploy and test it locally.

Ship the final
intelligence to the robot.







With H-ROS
Robots adapt their behavior dynamically

Now, simply connect robot components.

Your robot needs some minimal parts... Start with connecting a cognition and a backbone.

H-ROS Base

H-ROS Cognition

H-ROS Backbone


H-ROS Depth Sensor

H-ROS Range Finder

H-ROS Screen


H-ROS for the industry.

H-ROS for professional robots.

H-ROS for developers.

Do you want to know more about H-ROS?


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